Elizabeth Strout

Love, Loneliness #ElizabethStrout

Even Freud had said, “We must love or we grow ill.” They were spelling it out for him. Every billboard, movie, magazine cover, television ad- it all spelled it out for him: we belong to the world of family and love. And you don’t.


Olive can understand why Chris has never bothered having many friends. He is like her that way, can’t stand the blah-blah-blah. Still, she has been worried about his being lonely.

She knows that loneliness can kill people  -in different ways can actually make you die. Olive’s private view is that life depends on what she thinks of as “big bursts” and “little bursts”. Big bursts are things like marriage or children, intimacies that keep you afloat, but these big bursts hold dangerous, unseen currents. Which is why you need the little bursts as well: a friendly clerk at Bradlee’s, let’s say, or the waitress at Dunkin’ Donuts who knows how you like your coffee. Tricky business, really.


She would like to say Listen, Dr. Sue, deep down there is a thing inside me, and sometimes it swells up like the head of a squid and shoots blackness through me. I haven’t wanted to be this way, but so God help me, I have loved my son.


Olive Kitteridge – Elizabeth Strout

Stephen King

Friends, Family #StephenKing

“There’s no tonic like an old friend.”


That’s how you know you’re home, I think, no matter how far you’ve gone from it or how long you’ve been in some other place. Home is where they want you to stay longer.


“We’d had our differences over the years, as all brothers do, but brothers also have a way of sticking together when the chips are down.”
Stephen King – Revival
Gillian Flynn

I would not be a man who borrowed from his wife. I could feel my dad twisting his lips at the very idea. Well, there are all kind of men, his most damning phrase, the second half left unsaid: and you are the wrong kind.


There is an unfair responsibility that comes with being an only child – you grow up knowing you aren’t allowed to disappoint, you’re not even allowed to die. There isn’t a replacement toddling around; you’re it. It makes you desperate to be flawless, and it also makes you drunk with the power. In such ways are despots made.


We were born in the Seventies, back when twins were rare, a bit magical: cousins of the unicorn, siblings of the elves.

Gone girl – Gillian Flynn

Christina Henriquez · Love

He’s smiling so it lights up his face like he’s in a contest with the sun and I can’t help but stroke his sideburns with my hand and smile back.


There are two ways you can go in this life: Either a whole family, twenty people or whatever, stick together and live all in one house like a big pod, or else everyone’s spread all over, like seeds, and you each replant yourself and make a new life on your own. One’s not better than the other, I don’t think, but they each require certain adjustments.


And I loved that feeling – my papi and me together like bandidos, bumping over the gravel in the scorching midday sun, shredding the earth beneath us as we went. Most memories might be like water, but some are like wood – so solidly there that you can feel them and smell them and wrap your hands around them, and for a hundred years they will never go away.


She looked at me.

He wasn’t a good father – she said – I always knew he wouldn’t be. But everything he’s given me, I’ve kept.


Come together, fall apart – Christina Henriquez