Christina Henriquez · Places


The highway was built mostly to connect the airport to the city, so it was pretty obvious from the beginning that it was mainly for the tourists. To us, that highway was a rejection. On the old route, visitors would have seen the billboards for Cafè Duràn and Daewoo and Adidas and they would have seen people with umbrellas at bus stops and walking the streets with shopping carts. They would have seen stray dogs darting like tadpoles over broken streets and unpaved shoulders overgrown with plants. They would have heard corrugated metal gates grinding down at the end of the day and horns bleating their impatience and men whooping at the women walking by. They would have seen real life. But I guess real life is often unsightly, so they built a highway straight into the heart of the city to keep tourists away from what’s real, away from the heart of us.

Come together, fall apart – Christina Henriquez


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