Christina Henriquez · Love

He’s smiling so it lights up his face like he’s in a contest with the sun and I can’t help but stroke his sideburns with my hand and smile back.


There are two ways you can go in this life: Either a whole family, twenty people or whatever, stick together and live all in one house like a big pod, or else everyone’s spread all over, like seeds, and you each replant yourself and make a new life on your own. One’s not better than the other, I don’t think, but they each require certain adjustments.


And I loved that feeling – my papi and me together like bandidos, bumping over the gravel in the scorching midday sun, shredding the earth beneath us as we went. Most memories might be like water, but some are like wood – so solidly there that you can feel them and smell them and wrap your hands around them, and for a hundred years they will never go away.


She looked at me.

He wasn’t a good father – she said – I always knew he wouldn’t be. But everything he’s given me, I’ve kept.


Come together, fall apart – Christina Henriquez


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